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  1. Dio

    More land Transporation

    There is the "Mount Up" mod to ride Boar and Wolves. That should be integrated on the vanilla. more reason to use the tame system Boar = Early game hybrid for mobility/transport Wolf = Mobility Lox = Transport But I feel Iron Gate wont put time on this, knowing there is already a mod for free
  2. Dio

    Exploration solutions for players

    vikings had early telescopes too, but I think the problem is the sea, when you navigate the revealing radius should be very wide since you can actually see very far, but only as far as the sea goes, in land it should still the small, would be nice always have the sea connecting the islands on...
  3. Dio

    Ward Protection

    That is an alternative to the crafting tables mechanic to prevent creatures from spawn, tables are a bit awkward there could be small and easily placeable rune wards you could scatter around our base to protect from creatures
  4. Dio

    Tiredness debuff

    You are right, maybe then what I'm suggesting is that you actually could take damage and die, if you never eat or sleep, adding a supply managing difficult layer.
  5. Dio

    Tiredness debuff

    Add a debuff to hp and stamina if you don't sleep for too long, so then like eating there is a downside for not doing it.
  6. Dio

    Functional Piling

    As it is now, it's easier to store wood or coal into chests instead of piling because we don't have much control of how many units we can get from the piles. Most of the time I won't have 50 wood/coal to build a pile and store the excess, So would be nice we are able to build piles from any...