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    how to stop server hopping players?

    You cant.
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    No. Not at all. Can't speak to character creation. All I can say is this is an incredible game and you shouldn't let an aesthetic feature like this keep you from enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.
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    Thoughts on 50 Player Public Server?

    Thanks for the tip, have you played on there? How is the lag?
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    I feel like I kind of look like a man, but with...bumps

    I agree wtih CapnGramma. We aren't here to have curvy slutty viking ladies... lmao...
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    Sea Serpents and Fulings

    lmaooo wtf??? That sucks. Did you beat the game? that might be the problem - after beating the goblin king it spawns fuling everywhere.
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    Thoughts on 50 Player Public Server?

    Is this 50 player public server still up? Any word on that?
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    Thoughts on 50 Player Public Server?

    Hello all! I tried to join the 50 player public server, but I couldn't. Regardless, I am wondering if anyone has had any success getting on, and if so, what were their experiences like? Did the server have nice player-made structures to look at? Were they accessible or warded? Did things look...
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    50 Player Public Server

    tried to join but it didn't work. Tells me incompatible version. You can see in the bottom left of my screenshot that I am runing 0.150.3.
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    Just as krakens randomly spawn in the world, I think meteors should be added. They should crash dramatically with a server-wide announcement and contain new and unique ores and materials that can only be found in crashed meteorites. Perhaps meteors can be used to introduce new bosses or...
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    Passive Fish Traps

    Dont be discouraged! Im sure a giant lobster mob or a lobster boss would be pretty fun!
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    Passive Fish Traps

    I didnt anticipate crustaceans (lobsters, crabs) caught in traps to be actual mobs, or behave like fish as entity-items. Really more like just spawned objects in special trap containers are given periods of time, which can be increased by placing raw meat bait in crustacean cage traps -...
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    Passive Fish Traps

    Id like to shamelessly promote my earlier suggestions; 1) Lobster Cages, and 2) Pulling fishing nets behind boats. A static fish only trap sounds good!
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    Enemy Balancing in Mountain and Plains Biome visual nonsense

    You're definitely right about tamed wolf Fragility! I was told to try and tame two star wolves but haven't succeeded. I had no idea it was intended for wolves to fear fire - if this is the case then wolves clearly arent behaving as intended.
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    Enemy Balancing in Mountain and Plains Biome visual nonsense

    Your point about Drakes is rather confusing - overall I feel like your post wants to make ground mobs weaker, but the only flying mob stronger. I am sure that you, as a game designer, are acutely aware that flying mobs are always more annoying and inherently harder to counter than ground mobs...
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    Enemy Balancing in Mountain and Plains Biome visual nonsense

    Your concern about wolves being difficult to fight due to hit boxes and the present combat mechanics is valid - the developers intend to flesh out and develop combat further in the future, probably allowing for better-aimed directional attacks and thus solving this problem. (Check the roadmap!)...
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    Customization of ships

    This is a good angle! I know that previously most players anticipated ship customization to be mostly cosmetic, but it would be excellent if ship customization should provide some utility. I suspect that players may be able to expand storage on their ships through customization, but increasing...
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    My Ideas for Valheim: Putting Fulings to Work

    I think a good way to help transition to the "end game" is by introducing methods and aids to resource gathering - one of these should perhaps be Fuling laborers. I know that defeating the Fuling King boss causes Fulings to spawn everyone during night-time. I would like to suggest the...
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    My Ideas for Valheim: Ocean Interactions

    I know in later updates the developers plan to really flesh out the ocean biome in some way. I see two possible approaches: 1) The useage of special materials and potions to breath under water 2) The useage of diving boots, bells, helmets, and tubes to explore limited tracts of ocean floor A...
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    My Ideas for Valheim: Lokki End Game Boss

    Why I wrote this Post: I initially wanted to propose that the final boss of Valheim be a sort of "Contagious Biome" - something which spreads and allows players to battle new versions of previously defeated bosses and mobs, as well as acquire new end-game items. I know a decent part of this...