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    Biome Transitions

    I really hear you on that one A more smoothie blending say, between Meadows and the Swamp...with perhaps a subtitle blending until finally the other biome takes over. That would be great But I can bet you a nickel to a hole in a donut development is pretty overwhelmed atm (hehe) You figure...
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    Roadmap changes, Hearth & Home content, & reddit AMA

    Emotes..."grabs your hands, dancing, spinning you around in circles" WHAHOOOOOO!!!!!!! I knew you all were going nuts trying to keep this a secret, but THANK YOU, for telling us to hold on! I was holding on anyway...to my desk, my chair...biting my nails...(lol j/k) Glad you all got the horse...
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    I feel like I kind of look like a man, but with...bumps

    I was just wondering, even though you're all probably tearing out your hair out in trying to keep up with all you have to do in development; but will there be any improvements to the rendering of "female" avatars? I kind of look more male than female, but with...bumps. (lol) I know it sounds a...
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    Where Is that bird now?

    How many times that kind bird, (I like to refer to it as my "Spirit Animal", Hugin, appears is not a problem at all. It is a help and comfort that something is keeping an eye on you, telling you helpful information that helps you forecast progression. But it 's sometimes a "Where's Waldo"...
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    Development news

    We need to have a party when we hit the Big Ten Million! Your all doing such an awesome job with Valheim! I can't wait to see what will come next!!
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    Better Bungalows and Siege Towers

    Bushes! We need to be able to plant little bushes, like Rasp and Blueberry, and maybe....bring me a Shrubbery! I hate when a tree falls on one and it's gone forever, or that we can't replant these even for "Curb Appeal"!
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    Two in One Request...If You Please

    It would be really great if the crafting section was in categories. Food, Armor, Ammo, Weapons ,Crafting all in their own sections or seperated tabs. Further categorizing , such as Knives, Swords, Spears...would be awesome too. I know this game blew up in popularity, faster than you all...
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    Better Bungalows and Siege Towers

    The 10th World, Viking Age version of Better Homes and Gardens is on display, in numerous well thought through and engaging videos. The passion behind these creations speaks to the hearts of the more than 6 million presently living in the neither world of Valheim...and we're still growing...