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Patch 0.208.1 (Public Test)

This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim, and may therefore be unstable. Before we launch this update to the Default version of the game, we want to make sure to have a chance to discover bugs and adjust the balancing, to give you the best game experience possible.
Access the Public Test branch by right clicking Valheim in your Steam library, and then select ‘Properties’. In the new window, select ‘Betas’ and type in the code “yesimadebackups”. The Public Test branch should now be available for you to choose from.
Please leave any feedback you may have in the appropriate channel in our Discord, or in the subforum here on Steam.
As always, remember to be considerate towards players not partaking in the Public Test, in case they want to avoid spoilers.
As the password indicates, please make sure to make backups of your save files before playing.

For this patch we’ve gone over some bugs and issues to simply make your gameplay experience a bit smoother! This for example includes automatically stacking your items when you reclaim your tombstone, and reminding the trolls that they should in fact get staggered. Not so fun for them, but fun for you!


* Fixed a bug where trolls would not get staggered correctly sometimes
* Map key legend fixes and remove map icon gamepad mapping set to LB
* Various small fixes to Frost Cave rooms
* Fixed a bug related to pausing after being in debugmode and changing server
* Upgrade function will now remember the selected object when upgrading
* Fixed a bug where the split stack number sometimes would not be visible on high resolutions
* Fixed a bug where sometimes smelters would not always use the correct amount of coal
* Fixed some items not being covered in snow
* Hotbar selection marker now more visible on light backgrounds when using gamepad
* The ‘resetsharedmap’ console command added and various devcommands improvements
* Buying items from the trader on gamepad no longer buys twice, plus some interface tweaks
* Keyboard & gamepad hints for inventory screen
* Picking up your tombstone will now try to stack items
* Fixed an issue where tombstones sometimes would be unreachable in Swamp trees