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Beserkers disengaging during invasions.


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This is around the 5th time now I have noticed a drastic change in the behavior of Berserkers during Horde invasions. The first time it happened the Beserkers walked away from engagement when I had them down to around half health. They both wandered off into the Black Forest, away from me and away from my base. A couple of game days later I happened to be going in the direction I saw them heading when they left the engagement, and found one quite a way off into the Black Forest fighting skeletons around a Burial Chambers. Today they completely ignored my attempts to agro them into battle and simply stood against the earthen wall surrounding my boars & wolves. I could not focus on them due to those pesky Fulings. I did shoot a few arrows into them, while they stood against the wall, which they totally ignored. While I cleared off the Fulings and a single Shaman they moved off away from me and my base. After killing everything I went looking for them but they had disappeared. This behavior is repeating and unless I completely focus on them until they are dead they disengage and wander off.