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Currently running my own server and testing all the different mods. I love to test and figuring out flaws in mods. I hope you guys are open to new guys coming to the forums. Like today I figured out that the BepinEx file was causing crashes because V= hadn't updated their section yet. The guys over at Thunderstore had the updated BepinEx and it was a pretty easy fix. Puzzles puzzles puzzles!
G'mornign Nick

Just a quick question if I may?

Is this an "offcial" Valheim game team forum or a fan made one (either way I'm enjoying it here - not an issue) Just curious.
Seems to be rathe rundersubscribed for an offcial or is that coz we just need ot "get the word out" do you think?
Hey Caswallon!

Welcome to the community.

This is indeed an unofficial community forum for Valheim and I've been working to grow it myself! I'm always happy to hear suggestions for ways that I can continue to grow our community here :)