Welcome, Viking!

Join our new and growing community of Vikings that are exploring Valheim, together.

Comfy Valheim #1 server worldwide, 116 players on at once!


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Comfy Valheim! The Largest Valheim Community in the world!
New Seed released 7/16! Come join in pm all the fun!

-Ranked #1 on BattleMetrics.com and ValheimList.org
-100+ players online at once. 500+ active players

-Whitelist Access via interview | 18+ | Mature | Casual -Vanilla compatible, no Mods needed to join!
-Extensive allowed mods list, many made in house for us only!
-Active, in-game staff
-Unlocked Vanilla Content Server Features;
-Server-side map hosting, instead of P2P
-Player centric Economy
-Weekly Guild Frontier Events rotation
-5 Guilds: Merchants, Slayers, Builders, Rangers, and Bards
-Deep North Populated with Mountain Biome Resources
-Ashlands populated with Moutain and Black Forest biome resources
-Tribes Castles
-Monuments and Easter Eggs throughout the world
-Spawn Temple customized by Ghost Builds
-Jumping Puzzles
-Vanilla-freindly Tansmogrification service

Looking for friendly vikings that want a place to make friends and have fun!

Read more about the server here:
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