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Iron Reinforced Build Pieces

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Add iron reinforced build pieces. for e.g. it costs 2 wood for 1 wood wall. Cage wall costs 2 iron ingots. To build a mega structure you would constantly place a cage then wall. it lags out the game from so many pieces. An iron reinforced wood wall piece would cost 2 wood and 2 iron ingots. If iron reinforced build pieces were added you could immediately cut down the pieces having to be used by half while costing the same as building to separate pieces. You won't even have to make new looking pieces. Just make them look the same as the base build pieces. Iron reinforced wood wall would look exactly the same a base wood wall piece except have higher hit points for the iron ingots used. The icon on the build menu for the iron reinforced piece wont even have to look different just the text would be different if devs want to take the ez work approach. Thoughts?