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Patch 0.218.19

Hello vikings!

Today we have a hotfix for you, to solve some critical crashes. Please do keep in mind that this hotfix applies to the previous Live build (0.218.15), and that it does not contain any of the changes from the current PTB (0.218.17). The PTB changes will continue to be worked on, and they will be released to the Live game eventually!

Detailed Patch Notes:

Fixes & Improvements:
* Fixed a rare case where the server list could permanently break if adding an IPv6 dedicated server, making players unable to join multiplayer games via the server list.
* Prefer IPv4 over IPv6, fixing some issues with connecting to dedicated servers.
* Fixed a number of issues related to deleting the user's PlayFab account.
* Block navigation of tab menus with keyboard when a popup is shown.
* Update game icon on Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

* Fixed some issues that broke privilege checks against, muting and chat messages from Mac App Store players.
* Reverse piece placement rotation on MacOS so it matches the other versions of the game.
* Use windowed fullscreen on MacOS.
* Fixed an issue where quality settings were reset every time the game was restarted on MacOS.
* Fixed map pinging when typing "p" in a pin name on MacOS.
* Fix stuttery mouse input on older Intel Macs.