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Steam messing with game and server


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Hi, not sure if this is a Valheim issue or a Steam issue... Sorry ahead for the long post

I am running a dedicated server with one other user who logs in remotely. I found that once in a while when I tried to log into the game, double-clicking the desktop icon would not start the game but bring up the dedicated server window instead. I would check steam and it would say that Valheim is running and the dedicated server is not running. When I check with my brother during this, he confirms that the server is running and he is logged in with no issues. I would have to ask him to log out so I could restart the server. Steam would now say the dedicated server is running and I will be able to start the game.

To work around this issue I chose not to quit the game... I would just log out rather than quit and leave the game running at the login screen until I wanted to play next.

A few weeks ago we decided to try mods. There haven't been many issues with the mods except, if I don't quit the game and leave myself logged in between sessions, I would get targetting bugs - not able to hit mobs, open doors etc. To work around this, I started to quit the game again as opposed to leaving myself at the login screen.

So, now I am getting the weird - game running, server not - issues again and I have no idea how to fix it... Does this happen to others? is there a fix for it? is this a Steam issue?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!


This is what I see in Steam but my brother is currently playing on the server.