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Valheim server providers list (+free servers + discounts)


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Take a look at these ready-to-use lists of game hosting providers for Valheim server selected by different parameters:
- cheapest ones;
- smallest (for little teams);
- offering servers in different countries;
and so on.

Promo codes for rent discount will be a nice bonus. We personally got in touch with administration of almost all game servers providers in the list. And we keep doing this. Here is the promo codes we've got.

There is a new collection containing game hostings which offering trial period, 10 hosters for now. You can launch a game server at any of them and instantly start playing with your friends. It will be free until the trial period ends; after that you can either choose another server or make first payment.

There is also good news: there are good hosting providers that provide free Valheim servers (at the time of this post writing, there was only 1 of them, but we hope that more free hostings will be added in the future). Here's the list:

If you consider those lists incomplete or you have a promo code that's absent here please note that in comments below or by PM.
Good game for everybody and see you soon!