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Boots: New Equipable Slot with magic items

Larsson Thorsson

Local Viking
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I propose adding a new form of equipment to Valheim.
And not just to force another item mat grind to complete sets needing 1 more item to complete... no.
Like the belt, there can be special versions of boots that help the character in special ways.
And gated by a lot of mats, maybe even hard ones for the most desirable items...

1) Hard Work Boots
These add weight capacity.
To simplify the work for devs and our systems:
+50 deer hide
+50 leather scraps
+50 troll hide
= +50 carry capacity.
Bit of a hard grind but we'll do it! I'd bet people would spend their first 50 troll hides on these rather than armor, lol.
Alternatively, you could require 5/5/5 of each and make the boots add as much as you can... say you stop at 30 troll hide so you end up with +30 boots?

2) Sneaky Boots
These add +10% to your sneakiness.
Materials: 50 fur. Right now all we have is wolf, but there could be a new critter that drops "silent" fur?
This is real-world. Native Americans made rabbit fur boots & turned them with the fur facing out, so they could walk on the forest floor and hunt deer in silence.
This would be even better if they added rabbits to the game. Like birds, rabbits would run at the slightest sight or sound. They will constantly fidget, moving a body length , then a meter, then taking off like bat out of hell only to stop on a dime, so nailing them with the bow will be super hard. Making a decent gate for those who want to add this item to their kit.
(The Mountain biome has bats so I figure the precedent for little critters has been set.)

3) Speedy Boots
Adds +10% movement speed.
Would make sense to use deer hides + rabbit fur.
If devs want a harder cost throw in some higher end mats?
Community: What is another "fast running" mob to grab a mat from?

4) Fins of the Walrus
Prevent drowning and increase swim speed to = walking speed on land.
But decrease land speed to walking at -25 debuff and no running.
Would be best if there were a walrus in waters near the frozen north...
This seems more nordic than any "mermaid" style items...

5) Snowshoes.
no movement debuff on snow. (which they would have to add to the existing system)

Anyone else have an idea? I can add it to this OP.