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bright idea about "server lock" problem


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i have a suggestion on how to make server locked characters
when you create a character you have checkbox on "server lock". this char can login to only "server lock" servers and only on first visited sid. So basicly you have to write a sid info into char file on first login. this char technically still can visit multiple servers but all of them should have same sid and same "server lock" option enabled.
This solution will fix most of the "server hopping" problems.
this option probably should be autodisabled on LastBossKill, because at this moment the world with no bosses alive is not that interesting and you probably should get full access to all the staff in it.

i did make a lot of searching across the addons to get some similar effect, but i failed to found any.

Me and my friends planning to replay the game from the beginning when new patch comes out and everyone wants to be sure
the progress is totally fair, with no silent server jumpers. Its kinda become a bit challenging and rivalry so its really important to know that no one brings any of the old progress.

Technically "non portal item through portals by hopping servers" will be still available with this kind of limitations,
but not all the ppl know the actual sid of the server, and can not create "hop on" world.