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Changes and Iterations


We’d like to start off with the good news that the patch we mentioned last time, which fixes an issue causing crashes and world resets, is live and working well. A big thank you to everyone who helped test it – if you also want to be part of our Public Test group, you can read more about it here.

Now though, on to those development updates! If you follow us on Twitter, you might have heard the whispers that we’ve been working on boss related stuff. This is still in progress, and while we want the boss to be a surprise for you when you first play, we can safely say that it will be something you haven’t seen in Valheim before!

You might have read that we came to the conclusion that some of the steps in the Mistlands progression weren’t quite in the right order. We have put in a lot of work to create nice (and creepy) dungeons for the biome, but we realised they didn’t serve as much of a progression purpose, nor feel as rewarding, as we wanted them to. So after some discussion we added a special extractor item used for processing and a new Core; the Black Core. We’d love to read your guesses on what they’ll be used for!


Another thing we can show you is something you’ll notice straight away if you decide to make a new character when going into the Mistlands. Vikings were known for their fancy hairstyles, so we wanted to add a couple of more options for you – is there any particular hairstyle you would like to see?


Fancy hair also needs fancy clothes! If you’ve got a lot of feathers lying around you’ll be able to use them to craft a cape luxurious enough to make Hugin jealous. Is this going to be a new favourite garment, perhaps?


We know many of you are looking forward to the Mistlands, and we are grateful for your continued patience. Although we are not quite ready to set a date, we promise it is coming, and that we’re working hard to make sure it’ll be worth the wait!

Build of the Month

As per usual, you players keep being incredibly creative with the building in Valheim. This week we’d like to show off this epic castle that JJTheBuilder89 made! If you’d like a chance to have your building featured here, just use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can check out previous winners in this Steam thread.



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