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Development Blog October: Moving Forwards After Hearth & Home

Hello everyone!

Time flies and it’s already been a little over a month since we released Hearth & Home. It’s been very inspiring to see how everyone is using the new building pieces to make even more creative things than before, and your reactions upon discovering the new stuff have been so much fun – especially the things we made into a bit of a surprise, like the lox riding .

Releasing Hearth & Home was a big milestone for us as it was our first big update, and it feels really nice to have finally gotten to share that with you. There are always more bug fixes and balance adjustments that can (and will) be made, but we have also begun looking at things for future updates, this time focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building.

Those of you who follow Richard on Twitter might have noticed that he’s experimenting with the terrain and textures for the Mistlands, which will be our next big biome update! However, please keep in mind that this is not a final version, and that the landscape will likely change quite a bit before we figure out just exactly what the Mistlands will look like. It’s also still too early to say what the implementation of the Mistlands will mean for your existing worlds, but we will keep you updated once we know more.

While the groundwork for the Mistlands is being done, some of us are having a look at smaller updates. A biome update takes quite a while to develop, and like we’ve mentioned before we also want to offer you some smaller updates before that. Currently, our dungeon master Erik is teaming up with the art department to work on something to make the Mountains a bit more interesting, especially for those of you who love to explore new places. There is no final version of what this will look like yet either, but we thought we’d show you some concept art to convey the general feeling:


We hope you haven’t missed that you’re now able to craft Jack-o-turnips in the game! The vikings didn’t exactly celebrate halloween, but it’s still nice to have something to brighten up the homestead when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker… At least in our part of the world

Back in June we had an AMA over on our subreddit, and we’re looking into organizing another one pretty soon. Keep an eye out for announcements about this.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for what’s in store!
Until next time!

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