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Development blog: Tests ahoy!

Greetings vikings, and welcome to this month’s status report!

All things Valheim are continuing to move forward over here, though they have been happening a bit more behind the scenes. Piktiv and Fishlabs are still hard at work with solving Xbox issues, and we’re currently testing the most recent patch on our Public Test Branch. Please test it if you haven’t already, but also please note that it’s extra important to make backups this time! If we discover any issues with this patch, we will roll it back for the time being, and return to it at a later date.

This potential rollback would be so that we can get the Hildir’s Quest update out to you as soon as possible. That particular update might also get a slight name change upon its release, as Hildir’s Quest was mainly intended as a working title, but rest assured that the name change doesn’t change what the patch actually contains. If everything works out the way we hope it will, this should be the last blog post before the update is released for testing, so we want to give you one last teaser image before then:


We’re of course continuing to work away on the Ashlands as well! We’re currently trying to nail down some story aspects with the help of our lore writer Lee. If you want to do a more deep dive into the Valheim lore, we can recommend that you check out the podcast episode he was a guest on the other week!

Last time we mentioned that we’ve been making some drops for the Ashlands enemies, and now we thought we’d show some of them off. Here we have a feather, a tooth, and a heart – looks almost like we’re setting up for some sort of ritual sacrifice! What they’ll actually be used for though, you’ll have to wait and see:


As hostile as the Ashlands biome might look, however, it’s not only going to be filled with fearsome enemies. Some creatures will still be more afraid of you than you are of them, like this little fellow for example! We’re currently calling it “cadaver-Bengt”, but that’s most likely going to change…


Build of the Month

For the chosen build this month, we want to highlight this island fortress by Karakasnik – nicely done! If you want your creation to be featured, use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can view previous builds in this thread on Steam.


Until next time!

/The Iron Gate team

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