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Difficulty - It's TOO HARD

GuldaricJed Allen

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Back when I joined Valheim, the difficulty was decent. It was hard but not enough to drive off the players; There has been a few things that has bothered me since release. The one that really gets to me is the lack of stamina being a chosen of Odin; To fight his greatest enemies and not being able to run for more than 20 seconds, or swings a sword more than five times. The other thing that has bugged me is the difficulty once scaled to the number of Vikings doesn't seem go down when some of them are not available or quit playing all together.

The difficulty has changed and it's not just me. I currently have 8 friends all veteran gamers that will not even touch the game, claiming it's too difficult. Also I know several people who are handicapped that have nothing to do but play games, and cant because this game is too difficult (one with a spinal disability, one with a gimped hand, and too more that are partially blind.) These people are not as apt/or unable to do the finger gymnastics or perceive dangers ect. It didn't start out this way. I actually started Valheim in a group with my brother and the two that were partially blind; The game was punishing, but fun to play.

Concentrating on the way Devs have gone, they have made bigger and badder enemies increasing the difficulty via power creep. The main point is people want end game content and that is fine, but each version or patch comes with some improvements to the monsters and their AI, and not many that make the Vikings have any sort of advantage is not a good balance.

I know people who like more difficult games, and they are often the same people who will go on forums like this and ask for the game to be more difficult . BUT the people who were fine with the difficulty or wanted it easier didn't come onto the public forums to voice this. People who want more difficult games as these people often are of a mind set to go out of their way to make things harder for themselves; Are in fact the same type of people to go on the forums. While the players who want to build and play games casually, do not have this mind set. They would rather just stop playing.

I am about to stop playing myself, do to this issue. I am by no means a "soft" gamer I play some difficult games. I am not only loosing people to play the game with, but am starting to find monsters that were not all that challenging at all, to be far too difficult. You can make me and object of scorn, in these forums if you want; This would only prove most people on the forums, want to play the games of the utmost difficulty.

My suggestion and the purpose of this is to let the dev team know that they are loosing players to this issue and the data they have for who wants what is not accurate. If they made the game only slightly easier (especially the early game) or made a difficulty slider as part of the options. They would have more people enjoying their game.