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Hungry For A Snack?

Hello again vikings!

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer thus far, even with the heatwaves rolling in all over the world. The Iron Gate team has taken some time off to get some new energy, as is customary here in Sweden, but now we’re back at our desks and are already hard at work to bring you the next Valheim update.

We are aware that there has been an unfortunate issue with crashing over the past month. A fix for this is underway and is currently being tested, and we hope to have the solution done soon. In the meantime, if you should have your game crash and your save reset as a result, you can follow this guide in order to restore your progress.

We are also working on the Mistlands! It’s going to be quite a chunky update, with a lot of things we haven’t shown yet. Naturally it will have new resources, which also means new recipes. The other week, for example, one of our 3D artists did a lot of work on the food for the biome. The balancing still needs some work, but the menu is mostly set. Any guesses as to what the various meals could be?


Earlier in the summer we showed you a little teaser of the things you can build with the new Black Marble material which you’ll be able to find around the Mistlands. A lot of you seemed pretty excited about that, so we thought we’d show you a bit more! We’re really looking forward to seeing your creations once you get your hands on these build pieces!


Build of the Month

Even though you don’t have the Black Marble building pieces just yet, you all still impress us with your building skills! This time we want to highlight this work by TheFr1endlygamr. Well done! If you’d like a chance to have your building featured here, just use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can check out previous winners in this thread here on Steam.


May your axes stay sharp!

The Iron Gate team