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Lighting the Forge

Hello vikings!

It was a lot of fun to see your response to the constructions we showed off last time – it seems many of you are looking forward to seeing them in the game! If you’ve been paying attention to Twitter in the past few weeks you might have also seen a couple of additional teasers, some more revealing than others, as individual developers have hinted at what they’re working with. Something you definitely don’t want to miss is the big trap that Jonathan showed some work-in-progress footage of last week, which will also feature in the Mistlands update. It’ll be great for catching enemies, but you’d best be careful and watch where you’re stepping too!


Meanwhile in the office, we have acquired some weapon and shield props (the shields being the real deal, but the weapons not so much) to have both as general inspiration but also to help us with making even cooler attack animations in the future. And most importantly, they make Valheim creator Richard feel like a badass:


But on to the teasers we know you are all waiting for! This month we’d like to share with you a piece of concept art of a new crafting station which you will need to craft many of the Mistlands tier weapons. After all, a regular forge can only get you so far, and to battle what you’ll find in the Mistlands you’ll need something with…a little extra.


It has also been far too long since there were any new fungi for you to discover! Other than the regular red mushrooms in the Meadows and the glowing Yellow mushrooms found in the Black Forest, you will soon be able to cook with a couple of Mistlands variants as well. Exactly what recipes they will be used for we’ll keep to ourselves for a bit longer, but here you have a first look at what shape and colours the mushrooms themselves might have:


Last time we mentioned a patch which will resolve some issues with the cloud sync. This is still in the works, though we also want to include an update of the game engine before we invite you all to test it. We feel this is an important thing to get done before releasing the Mistlands, as it should result in a smoother experience for everyone. Rest assured though, that this technical patch is not taking any significant development time away from the biome!

Build of the Month
This month it was exceptionally hard to select a build to share here, as there were just so many good ones! Finally we managed to settle on this longhouse that Eriandhor posted, and we hope that you can agree that it was a worthy choice! If you would like your own building to be shared in the next blog post, simply use the hashtag #ValheimBotM when posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


May your axes stay sharp!

The Iron Gate team