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Mod request: Track Record / Score / Hall of Fame


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So I've been thinking about a certain thing I would like to have in in this game - something that could probably be quite easily sorted out with a mod. What I want is something along the lines of a Track Record, a High Score, a ...

Hall of Fame
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The mod would keep track of how successful a character is in completing various achievements such as defeating bosses. But more importantly, it would keep track of how often a character has messed up and died - giving the player an even stronger incentive to not die.

Progress and setbacks of each character would be measured with a score.

It adds some of the thrill of a permanent death mode, while still being quite forgiving.

It adds a mildly competitive element to the game, in a rather friendly manner without involving PvP. You could simply compete against yourself and measure the success of one playthrough versus another. You could also compare your score to that of other players using the same mod.

Apart from the score of an individual character there could also be a team score. Every character could be assigned to a team (e.g. blue team, red team and so forth) and any score attained by an individual character would contribute to the score of his/her team. Furthermore, there could be a handful of specific achievements that would award extra points for the team as a whole.

At some point a final score will be calculated. It could be after completing a final achievement (I actually haven't ever finished the game so I don't know what happens) or simply after a certain time runs out. (for example by the end of day 999) Then the final score will be presented somehow and if there are several contestants on a server then there will be a winner.

This basic forumula could be expanded on and offer several interesting interactions between score and various elements of the game - particularly if certain actions would come at a cost of score. For example, the construction and/or use of portals could be associated with a score penalty.
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