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Offline Dedicated Server


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My wife and I live in an area where we do not have access to internet (middle of nowhere). What little we do have comes from tethering on our phones. We used to play Valheim together a lot back when it first came out by hosting a dedicated server using our router. We wanted to come back and get back into the game for a bit before Mistlands releases. We reinstalled Valheim, and the dedicated server. However, now whenever I try to start the dedicated server all I get is Game Server Connected Failed. I thought that I used to go online, run the server, then go offline again and connect to the router. I tried that and the server would connect as soon as I went online, then disconnect again the second I went offline. I know there was a way we used to do this but I cannot seem to get it to work anymore. Does anyone have any information as to how we can make the server work over LAN without being online?