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Patch 0.210.6

This patch consists of an important fix to a bug which would cause the game to crash, often with a reset of the game world in the process. Both the crashing and the resulting reset have now been solved, and we have also added a function to let you automatically backup your saves.

If you have lost a world due to this issue prior to this patch, you can follow this guide to restore your progress.

If you’re playing on a dedicated server, make sure that the server host has updated the game before you play, in order to avoid unforeseen issues.

Fixes & Improvements:

* Autobackup system added that will keep one 2-hour and one 12-hour backup by default and can be customised in misc settings. Default setting on dedicated servers is 4, which can be customised with new parameters (-backups -backupshort -backuplong).
* The game will now save after you sleep, or at 30 minute intervals, and the timer is reset when using the manual save console command. The save interval can be customised on dedicated servers using the new parameter (-saveinterval).
* Using the console save command now also saves the character file
* The dedicated server manual PDF has been updated with the new parameters.
* World save gets disabled if it’s a corrupted world file or if it’s an incompatible world version and the game will return to the main menu. Dedicated servers will shut down if the world is corrupt.
* A change to Steam Cloud saves to avoid a particular crash during saves that could corrupt the world save.
* The game returns to a pause state if a multiplayer host is alone in a multiplayer session if all players leave (like it was previously).
* Players can no longer create a world with the same name when Steam Cloud saves are enabled.
* Characters with duplicate filenames will now be hidden.
* Characters with different names from the filename will be displayed to differentiate between renamed files
* Local and legacy characters will now be deleted properly if Steam Cloud is enabled
* Beehive VFX on-hit fix
* Removed the ability to craft/build the Midsummer items