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Patch 0.217.20 (Public Test)

Some adjustments to the previous patch! Most notable, we fixed the issue where your keybinds wouldn't save correctly, but a handful of other fixes are in this patch as well!

Patch notes:
Fixes and improvements:
* Fixed a bug that caused keyboard and mouse keybinds to not load/save properly
* Blue standing brazier point light is now blue
* Fixed bold tombstone text
* Connection panel (f2 menu) can now be read easier
* Map text input field will now exit when players click/drag on the map
* Fixed input focus loss when filtering server list
* “Hide UI” function is now working again for controller “console layout 2”
* Cross platform user profile pictures fixed
* Fixed compendium navigation with fast interaction
* Fixed server filter when virtual keyboard is closed
* Fix crafting station only updating its extensions for the first time after the update interval has passed
* Fixed a bug where the item tooltip overlay could show up over compendium menu