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Patch 0.217.27 (Public Test)

You have been asking for the jack-o-turnip, and here it is! We have also added a new seasonal item this year, in the form of a very stylish and pointy hat, which we really hope you'll enjoy.

Aside from the seasonal content, we have a couple of fixes for you, and this patch also entails an engine upgrade to Unity 2022. Because of this Unity upgrade, please note that worlds used in this update will not be backwards compatible with earlier versions of the game. Therefore, be extra sure to make backups this time.

Patch Notes:
Fixes & Improvements:
* Jack-o-turnip enabled. Spooky season!
* New seasonal item: Pointy hat
* Added a new “Render scale” graphics setting that enables the main camera to be rendered at a lower resolution than the viewport and UI
* Improved automatic input switching so that connected gamepads with stick drift no longer take over control when playing with keyboard and mouse
* Optimized code that determines which objects in the world to instantiate, lowering the baseline CPU time by up to 5%
* Optimized structural integrity calculations, massively decreasing CPU time in areas with large builds
* Optimized enemy AI
* Optimized underwater logic
* Re-enabled objects to have more than 255 KVPs of arbitrary data of the same value type (important for some mods)
* Fixed a bug that could cause traps to trigger multiple times in multiplayer depending on how many players were near it
* Engine upgraded to Unity 2022
* Upgraded Steamworks.NET and PlayFab Party libraries to newer versions
* Engine-side optimizations for dedicated servers
* Tweaked boss spawning to prevent them from occasionally getting stuck when spawning
* Fixed a bug that caused clicking sounds when selecting building pieces via controller