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Pickable, Buildable Cargo Boxes/Barrels


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First of all, I'm loving the frequent updates and continuous support and development for the game, it's always exciting to see new stuff being introduced and trying them out.
There are Cargo Boxes when Ships/Carts get destroyed to hold the items momentarily, but being able to be transported by foot without having to kick them around would be much more realistic and convenient without breaking the game, having a small storage that can be movable instead of risking having items roll away on the floor or even just for aesthetic purposes.

Having the Boxes/Barrels being able to be built (just like chests) would make it so that they can be placed in higher placed or ontop of each other, mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Being able to carry cargo boxes should come with a drawback, being the same as being encumbered but without the Stamina leeching and not being able to pick up items or interacting without having to drop the box/barrel.

Having a system to put the box/barrel in a cart/ship would be useful as well to make it easier to take things out of a ship or cart without having to run multiple times to a chest or having to build a chest right besides.