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I understand that you keep people from being able to teleport ore and other items because you want to force them to adventure more. However I believe that the beauty of this game is how many different ways to play there are. Some like crafting, some like building, some like adventuring and some like fighting. I understand that you want to increase the play time and that some players that enjoy adventuring and combat don’t care that they can’t teleport ore or other materials. However I believe you are condemning the other players. I propose a consumable item that can be crafted. The recipe to craft can be unlocked by learning and crafting a certain amount of items. The consumable would work by allowing players to transport a normally restricted item. I imagine two ways to take this. By making the consumable item relatively affordable while requiring one consumable per stack of item transported or making the item more expensive but for allows the player to make one trip with as much as they can carry. Maybe for the second option, you can use boss materials for the crafting recipe. What the recipe is could be created in a way to maintain the need for exploration without making it feel like a punishment.