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Severe Input lag on Keyboard.

Jodomar J

New Viking
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Hi, I have been playing Valhiem for a few days and yesterday I start up my single player session and I started having wierd camera issues and really bad input lag on my keyboard commands. Sometimes the input would get stuck and keep doing the same input for up to 20 seconds, meaning if I hit "W" I will forever more forward and will not accept anymore keyboard commands. The only thing I have done, was get a new headset, and I highly doubt a headset would cause all these issues? To further add insult to injury when trying to load a previous save, my base disappeared along with everyone in/around it. I understand this is early access, but I can't play at all now with this weird new input lag I am getting. Even with a fresh game world, I still get the input lag. Does anyone have a clue on how to resolve this?