Welcome, Viking!

Join our new and growing community of Vikings that are exploring Valheim, together.


Welcome to Trial of Tyr, Valheim’s Hard Mode Contest!

Vikings, the time has come to prove your worth to the gods once and for all. You’ve slain the mighty Eikthyr, you’ve bested the horrors that hide in the Swamps and you’ve taken Yagluth’s power as your own, but the Allfather has more in store for you.

There can be only one champion, one viking that is stronger, braver and faster than everyone else. Welcome to the Trial of Tyr, a competition that will pit the best among you against each other in a race against time!

To celebrate the upcoming Hildir’s Request update that will introduce difficulty levels to Valheim, we are announcing a hard mode solo deathless contest, challenging Vikings around the world to enter Valheim and defeat all bosses on hard mode solo, without dying and as fast as possible. The winner of this contest will dine in the halls of Valhalla with a custom-made engraved viking tankard that will bear the winner’s name and completion time.

As with every contest, there are rules you will have to follow in order to participate, and have your run be considered for first place. These are as follows:

The hard mode solo run must be:

  • Done by a single player without dying, external help or the use of any dev commands
  • Streamed on Twitch or YouTube or fully recorded without splits in footage as proof
  • Played with the “Hard” preset in the world modifier settings
  • Played on the official Trial of Tyr world seed: MX7L9GYcf2

The run is considered finished when the player has defeated the final Mistlands boss The Queen and mounted her head at the Ancient Stone Circle. The winner of the competition is the player with the fastest completion time — players can submit multiple runs if they manage to beat their previous times.

In order to be considered, please send the full Twitch stream, clip or recorded footage to @Valheimgame on Twitter with the hashtag #Trialoftyr, and upload in this form[forms.gle]. The competition will run between August 22nd and September 5th, and you can submit your solo deathless run until 23:59 CEST.

We cannot wait to see your strength and resilience in action, Vikings. Sharpen your axes, gather wood for the fire and remember - there’s never just one Fuling on that plain.