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Titles for your Playable Character


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Titles that work as achievments too and can be displayed next to your ingame nickname for other players to see
there can be titles in all specializations such as Combat,Building,Fishing,Sailing,Hunting
Combat titles :
-Soldier kill 50 enemies
-Warrior kill 100 enemies
-Vanquisher kill 250 enemies
-Archer kill 100 enemies with bows
-Murderer kill 50 players in pvp
-Drengr kill 1000 enemies
Combat titles for one monster types such as :
-Slayer of Trolls unlocked upon killing 25 trolls (for bigger creatures such as Troll ,Abomination ,Golems kill requirements are smaller than for more easy to beat creatures like Greydwarfs or Draugrs).
-Slayer of Greydwarfs kill 100 Greydwarfs
-Slayer of Serpents kill 25 Sea Serpents
-Slayer of Wraiths
Builder titles such as :
-Builder build 100 structures
-Constructor build 250 structures
-Creator build 500 structures
Fishing titles such as :
-Fisherman catch 50 fishes
-Angler catch 100 fishes
-Fishing Champion catch 250 fishes
Sailing titles such as :
-Sailor sail 1000miles
-Mariner Sail 3000miles
-Seafarer Sail 5000miles
Hunting titles such as :
-Hunter kill 100 Boars or Deer
-Trapper hunt 50 Hares with Traps
-Huntsman Kill 250 Boars and Deer
And Other titles that you can get upon defeating bosses or Unlock secretly such as :
-Slayer of Eikthyr
-Elder opon killing The Elder
-Boneless upon killing Bonemass
-Dragonslayer upon killing Moder
-Ruined King upon killing Yagluth
-Dweller upon defeating The Queen
-Keeper of Knowledge upon reading 25 runic stones
-The all-knowing upon reading 100 runic stones
-Wolf Kissed upon taming a wolf
-Deathwalker upon dying 100 times
-Blacksmith unlocked by making 50 items in forge
-Craftsman unlocked by making 50 items in workshop
-Firetouched unlocked when killed enemy while being almost dead and set aflame
-Lazy sitting AFK in your world for 30 mins