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Valheim crashing on any Linux distro except Arch based.


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This is an odd issue to me.
I have a TUXEDO Aura 15 Gen1 (laptop) with AMD® Ryzen 7 4700u with radeon graphics × 8
I have been running Valheim just fine on Arch based distros, but for some reason all other Linux distro bases have problems (low settings, but absolutely acceptable performance for my casual gaming).
I have tried on OpenSuse (including Tumbleweed) Fedora and a lineup of Ubuntu based distros and currently POP! (Thinking newer kernel and some of the optimizations might be the ticket).

It looks to me as if the game tries to save and then freezes completely as the sound goes into a loop and only way to get out is a hard shutdown of Steam/Valheim.
I would really like to participate in resolving this issue, so if anyone can tell me how to find any crash logfiles or whatever is needed to go from here, I'm listening.

Any help is appreciated.

Forgot to mention that this happens when I run the game locally as singleplayer.
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