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Where Is that bird now?


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How many times that kind bird, (I like to refer to it as my "Spirit Animal", Hugin, appears is not a problem at all. It is a help and comfort that something is keeping an eye on you, telling you helpful information that helps you forecast progression. But it 's sometimes a "Where's Waldo" trying to find it! "I bring you tidings..." as I spin around in circles trying to find him in the grass, on a rock, somewhere nearby, but this time up n a tree, on my workbench! (I'd put it up there because the Boar and Deer were using it for kickboxing practice, hehe).
Would it at all possible to put a small bird icon, similar to that of the "compendium alert", on our minimap? It would at least point to a direction to look to, to find it. ( I really want to call it a "him", but it's not "PC", or even polite; to inquire...and I won't assume).